Attunity Replicate for Exadata Enables Quick Loading of Big Data

Attunity Ltd., a provider of information availability software solutions, has introduced Attunity Replicate for Exadata, a new data replication solution designed to enable quick loading of big data into and out of Oracle Exadata. The solution further expands Attunity's reach into the big data market and features targeted optimizations that result in high performance and rapid implementation.

"Attunity is pleased to add support for Oracle Exadata, one of the most widely-used data warehouses in the world, as well as continue to expand on our ever-growing market," explains Matt Benati, vice president for global marketing at Attunity. "Increasingly, we meet customers that are challenged to load big data quickly into highly parallelized data warehouses due to the big data transfer bottleneck. It's gratifying to know that we've been able to respond swiftly to this industry need and assist customers to use Big Data for enterprise BI and analytics."  

Attunity Replicate for Exadata is designed to enable Oracle customers to quickly load data from heterogeneous data sources; and to maintain the changed data continuously and efficiently via log-based change data capture (CDC) technology, streaming changes captured from the source databases to the data warehouse with very low impact on the source.

Attunity Replicate for Exadata supports a wide range of data sources including relational databases & legacy systems, features a
drag-and-drop graphical user interface for designing and monitoring replication tasks; and enables automatic schema generation and implementation of metadata changes on the target.

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