Attunity Updates Compose Platform to Simplify Data Warehousing

Attunity Ltd. is releasing an enhanced version of its Attunity Compose platform to eliminate pitfalls in data warehousing and accelerate big data analytics.

“Often, customers have enormous data warehouses that take months and months to set up,” said Lawrence Schwartz, chief marketing officer at Attunity. “Once it’s set up, it’s very difficult to change or adopt new information. Compose gives users a much more flexible way to do data warehousing.”

Attunity Compose offers a model-based, agile approach designed to support the end-to-end lifecycle of creating, populating, and maintaining a data warehouse for analytics.

“About a year ago we acquired a company called BIReady and their technology is one of the things that’s behind Compose,” Schwartz said. “That really helps customers get their data and information ready for analytics.”

The platform eliminates the manual effort and coding required to design, build, and deploy a data warehouse, including data transformation, which typically takes many weeks or months, according to Attunity.

It provides support for many enterprise data warehouses, including Teradata, Oracle/Exadata, IBM Netezza, SQL Server, and MySQL and can also be used in combination with Attunity Replicate to further enable an automated and optimized solution for loading data from many heterogeneous data sources, including efficient/real-time change data capture (CDC) capabilities. 

Attunity Compose provides enterprises with the flexibility to adapt to changes, helps free up more IT resources for analytics, enables a faster time to market, and reduces TCO, according to Attunity. Users who want to take their existing structures and be more agile will benefit the most, said Schwartz.

“I think you’ll see this in progressive industries like the financial services sector, manufacturing, and healthcare,” Schwartz said. “We view this as cutting across multiple industries.”

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