AuditBoard Empowers Effective and Holistic IT Risk Management with Latest Solution

AuditBoard, the cloud-based platform transforming how businesses manage risk, is debuting AuditBoard ITRM, an IT risk management solution that accelerates threat detection, strengthens cyber resilience, and drives strategic investments within an enterprise’s IT landscape.

Aimed toward alleviating the pressures of the constantly fluctuating and expanding area of IT risk, AuditBoard ITRM enables organizations to truly comprehend and act on their ecosystem of potential threats, according to the company.

Driven by an AuditBoard survey of North American CISOs—which found that 44% of organizations use manual technologies to manage IT risk—the ITRM solution seeks to close the gap between IT teams and the ever-broadening and increasingly complex cyber risk environment with a series of crucial automations.

“CISOs and their teams are facing unprecedented levels of cybercrime and IT risk as they guide their organizations through today’s digital-first business environment,” said Rajiv Makhijani, SVP of emerging products at AuditBoard. “We’ve purpose-built AuditBoard ITRM to help customers more easily manage this critical work and improve their cyber resilience.”

Getting bogged down with manual tooling as cyber threats begin to pose greater, more complicated consequences is a surefire path to IT disaster. With AuditBoard ITRM, enterprises can:

  • Streamline risk assessments, identifying emerging threats and re-assessing existing threats at the asset level
  • Ingest actionable, real-time insights, transforming IT risk management and business continuity strategies with automated risk scoring
  • Produce a holistic view of their unique IT risk program with a centralized dashboard, enabling enterprises to focus resources and mitigation efforts where it matters most
  • Quantify the financial impact of critical risks

By providing a wide array of in-depth and comprehensive IT risk management features, AuditBoard ITRM empowers a collaborative security culture between IT security, risk, compliance, and other relevant teams. Identification, classification, and remediation of threats are radically accelerated, propelling CISOs to understand their environment more effectively, as well as report on IT risk in detail to CFOs and subsequent boards, according to the company.

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