Australian Bank Puts its Trust in Vision Solutions

Vision Solutions, a provider of high availability and disaster recovery solutions for IBM Power Systems users, says that the Heritage Building Society Limited, Queensland, an Australian financial services company, is using Vision's EchoStream and EchoCluster for AIX to eliminate extended unplanned downtime, reduce disaster recovery system failover timeframes and meet extremely high service level agreements.

At any given moment, more than 300,000 Heritage members rely on applications running on their database system, which supports more than 100 branches and 24x7 services such as online and telephone banking. Member account information must be completely protected yet readily available at all times.

"EchoStream ensures our platform, along with all services and functionality, are replicated to our disaster recovery site within seconds," says John Williams, Heritage's general manager Technology and Payment Systems. "The solution significantly reduces any possible disaster recovery time."

EchoStream includes Vision Right Time CDP, which rapidly recovers applications and data to any point in time. With IBM Systems and continuous data protection, Heritage has the capability to reverse accidental damage or deletion, or malicious data corruption, even if the damage has already been replicated to the backup servers. Vision's EchoCluster provides rapid, remote or local failover capabilities, delivering 24/7 error-free availability for AIX clusters. Its AutoGuard and SwitchAssistant features ensure that automatic failovers or planned switching are fast and error free.

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