Automation is Big Focus of Latest SAP S/4HANA Cloud Update

SAP is introducing the latest release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, 1802, including advanced and more intelligent functionality in machine learning, in-memory analytics, in-context collaboration and more.

This, combined and enriched by SAP’s digital assistant, is enhancing new innovations for the finance, manufacturing, sales, procurement, and professional services industries.

Key enhancements to the platform include:

  • Automated payment processing with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning – Allows users to turn documents into structured data in their cloud ERP quickly and easily.
  • A new Situation Handling tool – Alerts users to risks in purchase order confirmations and professional purchases requisitions, automating proactive customer communications.
  • Certified for compliance with Demand Driven Institute for Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning (DDMRP) – Users can protect material flow with features to monitor buffer status and recommendations on replenishment actions. Also allows flexibility when accounting for seasonality, new product releases or discounted products.

In addition to these features, the updates include new crowd sourcing capabilities along with user communities that allow companies to communicate within their company and with other businesses.

“We’re taking a big step in how we think about these interactions and tying everybody much closer together,” said Christian Pedersen, CPO S/4HANA Cloud. “It’s definitely a big step for SAP and ERP systems in the market. It’s not very common to take these principles up.”

Automation is the focus in a big way in this release, with artificial intelligence and machine learning creating a new system that matches up documents and other data to strengthen communication between professionals.

“We also continue to build out our digital assistant,” Pedersen said.

Users in a variety of areas including finance, HR, procurement, manufacturing, professional services, supply chain, and more will benefit the most from these updates, according to Pedersen.

“The intelligent features are coming in now and being injected into every single business process,” Pedersen said.

Future updates will include an even stronger focus on automation, business processes and more, Pedersen explained.

“We believe automation is just getting started. There are so many more things that can get automated with access to new types of data both inside and outside the firewall. There are many interesting things coming down the pipeline in this area,” Pedersen said.

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