Automic Unveils New Release Under CA Technologies

CA Technologies, which in January 2017 completed the acquisition of Automic Holding GmbH, a provider of business process and IT automation software, has announced a major new release of the CA Automic One Automation Platform

Providing a unified suite of automation products enabled to deliver intelligent automation for the modern software factory, the company says the new release addresses a rapidly growing market that has the potential to reach over $6 billion by 2020 with critical growth areas in cloud, big data and DevOps driving data center automation.

Highly automated processes enable software to be developed in shorter cycles and deployed into production at higher-velocity, explained Ayman Sayed, president and chief product officer at CA Technologies. By enabling enterprises to move from traditional process automation to intelligent business automation, CA Automic is delivering “on the promise of the modern software factory,” he added. 

According to the vendor, unlike other products that combine different user interfaces, reporting tools, analytics databases and engines, the CA Automic One Automation Platform runs on a common platform delivering a comprehensive business-driven solution.

The new release addresses the needs of specific groups of users with key capabilities, the company says. For IT operations who need to keep pace with the speed of modern Dev teams and the business, CA Automic V12.1 provides an intelligent automation offering to simplify processes and deliver zero-touch self-service capabilities. For development leaders who must free up their development teams to focus on innovation, the new release provides new shift-left capabilities to remove scripts and manual efforts, and helps to enable the dev teams to automate within and orchestrate across the DevOps tool chain. And, for business owners who require Dev and IT to shift to agile and modern application delivery, the platform helps to enable the business to drive top line growth and customer experience with intelligent automation and capabilities to automate within and orchestrate across the DevOps tool chain.

CA Automic Workload Automation V12.1, CA Automic Release Automation V12.1 and CA Automic Service Orchestration V12.1 as part of the CA Automic One Automation Platform are immediately available for general shipment.

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