Autonomous FinOps Solution by Pepperdata Reduces Rampant Cloud Costs

Pepperdata, provider of big data cloud and Kubernetes workloads performance products, is unveiling its Autonomous FinOps for Kubernetes (K8s) offering, designed to enable the optimization of compute resources to achieve desired economics for executives, platform engineering and IT ops teams, as well as FinOps professionals operating within Kubernetes workloads.

Pepperdata highlights FinOps, or financial operations, as the leading priority for businesses attempting to manage ever-rising cloud costs. FinOps tools currently on the market do little except provide a barrage of optimized suggestions that go unrealized because of their inability to be implemented easily at scale, according to the vendor.

Autonomous Optimization alleviates the pains of containerized Kubernetes workloads through its AI engine—responsible for identifying opportunities for conserving costs, suggesting changes that will not affect performance or reliability, and subsequently implementing those changes autonomously and holistically throughout an organization.

"Cloud computing has revolutionized how businesses operate," said Maneesh Dhir, CEO of Pepperdata. "But as more companies move to the cloud, they're finding that the cost of running applications can quickly spiral out of control. Our new Autonomous FinOps for Kubernetes offering solves this problem by automatically identifying and correcting inefficiencies in cloud-native autoscalers."

Additional features within the platform include container-level cost allocation and visibility to break down costs by Kubernetes object type; insight rightsizer for optimal instance type recommendations; scale optimization through resource utilization, intelligent bin packing, and reclaiming waste; and automatic remediation for running optimizers continuously and autonomously. 

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