"Autonomous Linux" Operating System in the Cloud Extends Oracle's Autonomous Strategy

Marking what it describes as a milestone in its autonomous strategy, Oracle announced its Autonomous Linux, which, the company said, along with its new OS Management Service, provides an autonomous operating environment that eliminates complexity and human error to enable cost savings, security, and availability for customers.

The Oracle Autonomous Linux is targeted at the IT challenge of keeping systems patched and secure, which can be tedious, error-prone, and difficult to manage in large-scale cloud environments. With Oracle Autonomous Linux, customers can rely on autonomous capabilities to help ensure their systems are secure and highly available to help prevent cyberattacks.

In addition to Oracle Autonomous Linux, the OS Management Service is an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure component that delivers control and visibility over systems whether they run Autonomous Linux, Linux, or Windows. Combined with resource governance policies, OS Management Service, via the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console or APIs, also enables users to automate capabilities that will execute common management tasks for Linux systems, including patch and package management, security and compliance reporting, and configuration management. It can be further automated with other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services like auto-scaling as workloads need to grow or shrink to meet elastic demand.

Oracle Autonomous Linux, in conjunction with Oracle OS Management Service, uses advanced machine learning and autonomous capabilities to deliver cost savings, security, and availability and free up critical IT resources to tackle more strategic initiatives.  The system delivers automated patching, updates, and tuning without human intervention. Automatic security updates are delivered daily to the Linux kernel and key user space libraries, and require no downtime along with protection from both external attacks and malicious internal users.  In addition, known Exploit Detection provides automated alerts if anyone attempts to exploit a vulnerability that has been patched by Oracle. Automated patching and upgrades are done while the system is running, eliminating unnecessary downtime for users and the system.

According to Oracle, Oracle Autonomous Linux and Oracle OS Management Services are included with Oracle Premier Support at no extra charge with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute services.