Avantra 24.1 Advances SAP Observability and Automation

Avantra, provider of a leading AIOps platform for automating SAP operations, is releasing Avantra 24.1, providing greater operational efficiency through expanded automation and monitoring options to further improve the transparency of SAP operations. 

According to the company, Avantra has been synonymous with the efficiency and automation of recurring tasks within the SAP landscape. One example of how the company is driving forward automation with its latest release is through expanded low-code or even no-code scripting of automation workflows.

The central element in this area is automation templates—predefined templates that can be used “out of the box” to monitor and manage entire SAP systems efficiently. The latest version now offers many of these templates.

Regarding the automation engine, further investment is also made in the demand for maximum scalability, meaning that Avantra supports even the most extensive hybrid systems with no limitations. This method enables Avantra to manage even large installations with several thousand servers, according to the company.

As well as the Avantra platform’s timesaving automation functions, version 24 also focuses on even deeper monitoring of SAP landscapes.

To further optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the already extensive monitoring capabilities, new ‘custom check’ models, among others, have been added, which allow users to individually configure how their systems are monitored by customizing and selecting the desired checks.

Further monitoring parameters have been added with the same aim, and their reconfigurability has also been expanded to cover exceptions so that checks do not remain red indefinitely.

The Avantra development team emphasizes its ability to modernize SAP practices concerning S/4HANA, BTP, the clean core strategy, and more, including keeping them at the cutting edge of technology. The same applies to platform updates: by aligning the software with the latest basic technologies like Java 17 and APIs, Avantra ensures the highest possible security in line with today’s standards by regularly updating its software infrastructure, according to the company.

The user interface has also been optimized and carefully expanded. Examples include the improved import/export workflow compatibility between various Avantra versions, identification of the namespaces affected by validation errors, improved performance of the SAP HotNews computations, and the new dashboard search.

The latest version of Avantra (24.1) is now available for Avantra users to download from the customer hub.

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