Avatria Creates Avatria Engage for SAP Commerce Customers

Avatria, a digital commerce firm and developer of eCommerce solutions, is launching its newest software product designed for SAP Commerce users, Avatria Engage. The platform works to drive more site traffic while at the same time boosting conversion rates for online retailers.

“eCommerce marketers often find themselves handcuffed by technological limitations that lead to an inability to quickly react to evolving trends and/or technological transformation that is out of their control. These constraints can cause dips in SEO that force marketers to adjust their paid search strategy that has both short and long-term limitations,” said Brian Ballard, partner at Avatria. “We created Avatria Engage to address these issues and to help SAP Commerce users with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and other top-of-the funnel marketing strategies.”

Some of the key SEO features of Avatria Engage include:

  • Enhanced Vanity URLs: This feature allows every Category and Product URL to be customized on a site so that the customer can retain their old URL structure (avoiding redirects) and/or optimize the URLs for SEO.
  • Canonical URLs: A Canonical URL is a standard representation of a URL and is provided via header on a webpage. It tells the search engines that all unique links to a Product and it’s SKUs are in-fact one Product and thus should have their ranking grouped for SEO purposes. Avatria automates the implementation of Canonical URLs for Products with multiple SKUs.
  • Microdata: Avatria Engage has implemented, a Microdata standard, into Product, Category, and Content templates ensuring that search engines can display attractive content listings for all relevant pages.
  • Along with SEO features, Avatria Engage is also designed to help SAP Commerce users increase their conversion rates, which ultimately helps increase revenue generating Key Performance Indicators.

Underpinned by Avatria’s Convert Suite (Avatria’s first eCommerce software launched in 2019), Engage uses proprietary Machine Learning (ML) technology to personalize an end-consumer’s shopping experience as they browse a website. This is done through:

  • Personalized Browse & Search: Avatria Engage users are shown what their customers are most likely to purchase above the fold on the first page on all Category, Shopping List, and Search Results pages.
  • AI-Powered Recommendations: Companies have the ability to deploy automated cross-and up-sell capabilities anywhere in the browsing experience of their customers.
  • Actionable Business Intelligence: This feature allows users to better understand why the ML technology makes the decisions it does. This enables them to improve elements of the end-consumer experience that Avatria Engage doesn’t automatically control, as well as show how eCommerce Search accuracy fluctuates over time and how each category is performing.


Avatria Engage exists as two independent modules that can be installed at companies with existing SAP Commerce solutions or companies that are implementing SAP Commerce for the first time.

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