Avere and Fujitsu Team Up to Offer '100/100/100' Storage Solution

Avere Systems, a provider of optimized network attached storage (NAS), announced its intent to develop a new joint solution with Fujitsu to provide customers with 100TB of capacity and 100,000 IOPs for $100,000 (US). Labeled the “100/100/100” bundle, the new solution marries the Fujitsu Core filer with UDS NAS controllers and ETERNUS DX80 S2 Disk Storage System with a two-node Avere FXT 3100 Edge filer cluster.

“Avere’s Edge filers give customers the ability to easily scale performance for the most demanding application workloads, while the Fujitsu storage systems deliver high capacity along with rich data management functionality,” says Bill King, executive vice president, Platform Products Group of Fujitsu America. “Together, our products deliver the best of both worlds to our combined customer base in a fully supported bundled solution.”

The 100/100/100 bundled solution is designed to help optimize NAS environments by boosting application performance while helping to cut CAPEX and OPEX costs. The joint solution is scalable to 2.5 million IOPs and 2PB in storage.

The Fujitsu system features dual active/active UDS NAS controllers with high availability failover, Symantec FileStore OS, 256 snapshots and standard 4x 1GbE connectivity. Its ETERNUS DX80 S2 Disk Storage System includes 1x control enclosure with dual RAID controllers and 12x 3.5-inch disks, 3x disk enclosures with 12x 3.5-inch disks each and 48x 3TB 7.2k SAS disks. 10GbE connectivity is optionally available and the unit can be expanded with additional drives up to 2PB.

The Avere 2-node FXT 3100 cluster provides 96GB RAM with 2GB NVRAM and 4.8TB of SAS disk storage, 12 1GbE ports and four copper 10GbE ports. Performance is 100k ops/sec for a rendering application workload, expandable to 2.5 million ops/sec. Avere's Edge filer, built on the latest Avere Operating System (AOS), enables automatic tiering of data for optimal performance, clustering of up to 50 nodes for linear performance scaling and high availability, advance monitoring to provide visibility into the NAS environment and a global namespace for managing all storage as a single pool.

The Avere-Fujitsu bundle will be available through select channel partners. To locate partners, visit