Avi Networks Launches Container Services Fabric

Avi Networks, a provider of application delivery and services, announced the launch of an integrated solution with Mesosphere designed to help enterprises build and deploy microservices applications at scale using Docker Containers.

The Avi Vantage Platform works with the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) and Docker containers to provide a dynamic service fabric for micro-segmentation, service discovery, graphical application maps, load balancing, and autoscaling capabilities deployed across thousands of DCOS nodes. The solution also provides end-to-end visibility and application performance monitoring based on which it autoscales application instances predictively to adjust for real-time traffic patterns.

“Mesosphere simplifies building and running distributed applications at scale, but until now supporting application services such as service discovery and load balancing have been disparate point solutions that can’t match the agility and automation that Mesosphere provides,” said Ranga Rajagopalan, CTO of Avi Networks. “Avi’s container service fabric automates application services and accelerates the path to production deployments. It empowers application owners and DevOps teams to easily deliver essential services for container applications.”  

Avi Vantage and Mesosphere DCOS deliver integration with the Mesosphere DCOS for automated, policy-driven deployments of apps and services, and support security services including micro-segmentation, DDoS protection, SSL, and web application security. The new solution also includes a software load balancer with support for East-West traffic and automated configuration updates.

In conjunction with the launch, Avi Networks is also announcing free development and test licenses of its products that application developers can download along with complete documentation and a knowledge base. For more information, visit and