Avo Assure 3.0 Achieves Oracle Certification

Avo Automation, provider of a solution for automated software testing and intelligent process automation, announced that its test automation solution—Avo Assure 3.0—has achieved Oracle certification as integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

“The ability of Avo Assure to interoperate with Oracle applications will prove highly beneficial to our current and future customers. This partnership is a significant milestone towards enabling clients with a seamless migration to the cloud. Oracle is a market leader in enterprise technology with over four decades of helping businesses effectively run their technology and operations. We are excited about the value Avo can bring to Oracle's clients across the globe by helping them seamlessly adopt Oracle's cloud offerings," said Vidur Amin, CEO, Avo Automation.

This integration will allow Oracle cloud clients to easily configure OCI to drive their business goals while having confidence in their technology during every OCI upgrade through automated testing for customers' most impactful business process.

Avo Automation solutions are easily accessible from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, making purchases and deployments fast, simple, and cost-effective for Oracle clients, according to the vendor.

Avo Automation has been an important customer and partner for Oracle over many years, with its core business running on Oracle applications.

 In addition, Avo is a strategic system integrator for many of Oracle's customers. Avo and Oracle have been working together to expand this partnership to further support Oracle's customers with Avo Automation solutions powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Avo Assure delivers flawless AI-driven test automation for Oracle applications and other essential capabilities.

Avo Assure offers customers capabilities and benefits including:

  • Unmatched Business Process Testing: Avo Assure test automation solution makes your Oracle applications future-ready by enabling you to test them across the entire product lifecycle – from build to run. It ensures end-to-end business process management across the Oracle application product suite, complex system integrations, supply chain integrated processes, and mobility extended devices for diverse testing cycles. These include system integration, functional acceptance, migration, and regression testing to help handle every OCI business process. Browser-based by nature, it works both on-premise and on the cloud.
  • End-to-end Business Process Coverage: Enterprise business processes seldom span a single application. The integrations with numerous other applications inevitably require a cross-platform compatible test automation solution. Avo Assure promises this delivery. Its heterogeneous capability empowers teams to achieve end-to-end test automation for business processes spanning Oracle and other applications.
  • Easily support upgrades: Avo Assure also enables EBS clients to move to OCI with confidence through automated quality assurance, giving businesses comfort and reliability as they embark on their journey to the cloud.
  • Intuitive reporting: When shared in a visually appealing and easily understandable format, reporting can be a powerful tool for quality engineering teams. Avo Assure provides unmatched reporting capabilities that are easier to comprehend and utilize. The reports offer screen-shots and videos of every step of execution, making it easier to pinpoint the errors and fix them on the fly. The reports also help in creating a wide array of documentation for audit purposes.
  • Intelligent Scheduling: The smart scheduling and execution capability enables users to execute multiple use-cases in a single virtual machine independently or in parallel. It also allows users to manage test cases remotely in ICE pools. The historical data provides vital information about a particular test case and the execution time involved.
  • Accessibility Testing: With a single click of a button, Avo Assure enables accessibility testing for applications. It supports WCAG standards, Section 508, and ARIA.

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