Avo Automation is Now Available on the SAP App Center

Avo Automation, a division of SLK Software, announced that its test automation solution, Avo Assure is now available on the SAP App Center.  Avo Assure helps deliver streamlined, smart, and pervasive test automation for businesses that use SAP applications.

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that Avo Assure 2.0 integrates with SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver using standard integration technologies.

The integration helps organizations with their test automation needs to meet the changing business dynamics of SAP environments.

“Amidst changing times, an automation-first approach gives business leaders an opportunity to do more with less, thus accelerating their ambitious growth plans,” said Dr. Jagdish Bhandarkar, chief technology officer, Avo Automation. “Avo Assure, our intelligent test automation product, makes that possible.”

Avo Assure enables SAP application testing through the enterprise product lifecycle of build—sustain—run services. It ensures end-to-end test management of individual and integrated business process flows. Be it for a product suite for an SAP application, supply chain integrated processes, complex system integrations or mobility extended devices, Avo Assure performs consistently. Since it is not limited to a particular testing cycle, users can streamline performing functional acceptance, system integration, migration and regression testing.

Core functionalities of Avo Assure include:

  • Complete, technology-agnostic platform that enables application testing across heterogeneous application components including third-party peripheral applications. This allows maximum automation coverage through its Intelligent Page Object Model (POM) and Image Recognition (IR) algorithms.
  • Browser-based by nature, Avo Assure works in both cloud and on-premises environments.
  • Periodic operational activities like database upgrades, patches, updates, and migrations are synonymous with the modern IT environment. Avo Assure empowers users with pre-packaged test automation capsules to conduct impact analysis with comprehensive testing. This, in turn, improves overall confidence for streamlined business process functioning.
  • With intelligent reporting, Avo Assure offers a report–view–analyze model of test results, providing unmatched analytics to make smarter decisions. This helps create a wide range of documentation for audit purposes, allowing users to envisage and accelerate process accuracy.

Avo Assure comes with a suite of prebuilt test cases for SAP technologies. When users combine prebuilt test cases with intelligent change management, they accelerate their migrations and transformations of their suite of SAP products by many folds, and in a risk-free approach.

Avo Automation, a division of SLK Software is a partner in the SAP PartnerEdge program. As such, it is empowered to build, market and sell software applications on top of market-leading technology platforms from SAP.

The SAP PartnerEdge program provides the enablement tools, benefits, and support to facilitate building high-quality, disruptive applications focused on specific business needs—quickly and cost-effectively. The program provides access to all relevant SAP technologies in one simple framework under a single, global contract.

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