Axcient Introduces New Virtual Appliance for VMware Environments

Axcient, a provider of cloud-based recovery-as-a-service, has introduced the Axcient Virtual Appliance for VMware environments. According to the company, the Axcient cloud platform mirrors a business’ IT infrastructure into the cloud, enabling users to quickly recover files, folders and even the IT infrastructure.  

“What we do at Axcient is make sure companies stay productive and employees have access to their information and applications no matter what happens,” explained Justin Moore, CEO, Axcient.

The Axcient Virtual Appliance is a software-only version of Axcient that does not require users to purchase a physical piece of Axcient hardware.  It is designed specifically for VMware virtual infrastructures.

Axcient’s Virtual Appliance expands market opportunity, reduces sales friction and gooder market friction, eliminates upfront costs, it can be downloaded and installed within minutes and it offers all of the performance and feature benefits of Axcient’s physical appliance. “The beauty of it is that it’s an absolute feature parody and performance parody with our physical appliance,” said Moore.

According to Axcient, today there are about 3,500 businesses across North America that leverage Axcient to make sure that they never lose data and that their core applications and IT infrastructure are always up and running. The Axcient cloud platform is designed to work with businesses of all sizes.

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