Axios Systems Partners with Groundwork Open Source

Axios Systems, a provider of IT service management solutions, is partnering with GroundWork Open Source, a provider of commercial open source systems and network management software.

Axios Systems and GroundWork have joined forces to deliver the integrated solution, assystMonitor, that can provide end-to-end monitoring of operational infrastructures with full integration to the assyst IT service management suite. assystMonitor can provide complete availability, performance, capacity, utilization and fault information, as well as a range of hardware and software. assystMonitor can integrate directly with existing monitoring solutions from HP, IBM, Microsoft and other vendors. This information is correlated and presented to the assyst IT Service Management suite to allow IT organizations to detect, diagnose, isolate and correct events, enabling effective operational support and analysis.

"Using GroundWork's monitoring tool, we have created an integrated solution that can help organizations reduce their total cost of ownership and measure the performance of applications, giving complete peace of mind and adding value by incorporating monitoring into their ITIL processes," notes Ailsa Symeonides, sales and marketing director at Axios Systems. For more information, go here.