BDNA Releases Tool for Tracking IT Purchases

BDNA, a Data as a Service (DaaS) company, announced its Purchase Order Normalization solution, intended to help change how IT spend is calculated and managed. BDNA’s PO Normalization solution provides a view from purchasing to deployment with more accurate and precise data than has been previously available through standard accounting and purchasing systems. Such data can provide better spend analysis, improved business value realization, forward planning, demand management and reduced software audit risk, BDNA says.

“The advent of the Internet of Things, cloud and mobility, is making procurement more challenging as more data is coming into organizations and the processes already in place are massively insufficient,” says Constantin Delivanis, CEO of BDNA. BDNA, he notes, is not only providing organizations with a data-oriented approach to solving these procurement challenges, but is also extending its footprint to financial and business data.

In many organizations, purchasing departments have a set of purchase-order records from multiple vendors with inconsistent definitions, formats and descriptions, often making it difficult to decipher the accrued entitlement by their related IT department, BDNA says. This leads to multiple problems such as overbuying/under-buying, an inability to forward forecast and increased time spent on compliance and audits.

BDNA’s PO Normalization solution is designed to help decipher hidden information in both the structured and unstructured data fields in purchase orders, thereby providing a more accurate picture of the entitlement. The solution works across hundreds of vendors and thousands of vendor products. 

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