BDNA’s Data Platform 5.0 Expands IT Asset Management Capabilities

BDNA has announced the release of BDNA Data Platform 5.0 to improve enterprise IT asset management. "There are a whole lot of capabilities that are going to enable greater functionality,” said Jay Scroggins, BDNA’s EVP of engineering and operations.

BDNA Data Platform 5.0 introduces Private Catalog, solid API, and a new user interface for Technopedia and Normalize solutions, providing businesses with more powerful tools to manage corporate IT asset landscape.  BDNA maintains Technopedia, a content repository about hardware and software. Using Technopedia, BDNA Normalize aggregates and normalizes raw data from more than 40 different data sources to create a single version of relevant information

“This gives very specific business context they can now add to Technopedia,” Scroggins said. “We’ve received a lot of feedback from customers on this.”

Private Catalog gives end users the ability to create and track their own private products and intellectual property.

Information in their custom catalog remains private, but it is accessible through all the standard data consumption components of the platform. Private Catalog is seamlessly integrated with Technopedia and BDNA Normalize.

Additionally, a new user-friendly interface enables end users to quickly find the information they seek and provides access to Technopedia and Normalize data. This new Search capability is integrated with Analyze to optimize the interactive data discovery and reporting.

“This API layer is much more user friendly and easily consumable way to get at the data,” Scroggins said.

Another milestone with this release includes the implementation of BDNA’s first official beta program, Scroggins explained, as feedback from the group will be reflected in future releases.

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