BI, Analytics, and Data Integration Drive MultiValue Innovation

Faced with growing data volumes and limited budgets, companies, educational institutions, and government agencies are increasingly relying on IT to help them gain a competitive edge and better serve their customers and constituents. In the upcoming March print and E-Editions of Database Trends and Applications, key MultiValue vendors explain their strategies for enabling data integration from different repositories and for supporting business intelligence and analytics that provide meaningful insight for customers.

"Data integration is of paramount importance in today's business environment.  Many of our customers pull data from disparate repositories into a warehouse in order to do analysis, but a growing number are utilizing web services to achieve real-time integration for applications like inventory control.   RocketU2's External Database Access (EDA) allows integration at the repository level by enabling read/write to any data store, an alternative solution to creating additional repositories. EDA, combined with U2 replication technology, can enable an optimal environment for high performance transactional applications and timely updates to data warehouses for business intelligence," notes Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, U2 Brand, Rocket Software.

"For the last generation, a great deal of effort has been expended to develop computer software systems that help streamline, automate, or control a myriad of activities.  To be effective and competitive, these solutions must necessarily focus on the problem at hand.  These software development processes have produced many not only remarkable, but truly indispensible systems that we depend on every day to capture, store, manipulate, or transmit important information," Fred Owen, president, MITS (Management Information Tools, Inc.), observes. "A tendency that we see across this entire discipline is that system designers and developers often consider this reporting function only as an afterthought.  As a result, there is significant value captured by the system that cannot be realized because the resulting data is inaccessible."

Hear more from Siegesmund and Owen, as well as other MultiValue executives, including Mike Ruane, president and CEO, Revelation Software; Doug Leupen, president and CEO, Entrinsik, Inc.; Lee Burstein, MultiValue product manager, InterSystems Corporation; David Peters, sales executive, jBASE International - A Member of the Mpower1 Group; Ken Dickinson, managing partner, Kore Technologies; David Cooper, lead developer, BlueFinity International - a Member of the Mpower1 Group; and Doug Owens, vice president, sales, Ashwood Computer, Inc.

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