BI Provider CAKE Integrates the ParStream Solution into its SaaS platform

ParStream, a provider of a real-time database for big data analytics, announced that CAKE, a provider of business intelligence to marketers and advertisers, has integrated the ParStream database into its SaaS platform to streamline the analysis of data.

CAKE enables marketers to link measurement and ROI, maximizing the performance of their digital advertising investments. CAKE selected the ParStream solution to query and analyze data quickly, while also allowing scalability to meet the BI needs of performance marketers.

CAKE’s SaaS platform collects large volumes of rich click-forward data, including conversion information, landing page data, impression traffic for display campaigns, and e-commerce orders for its customer base – enterprise brand advertisers, advertising agencies, e-commerce sites and affiliate networks. In total, CAKE analyzes over two billion consumer actions each month.

“By integrating ParStream’s columnar real-time database into CAKE’s enterprise performance tracking platform, marketers now can execute sub-second reports to explore the path of every consumer action to enable immediate, intelligent decision-making to quickly optimize campaigns,” said said Dave Stewart, CAKE executive VP of Technology. “Leveraging ParStream’s ultra-high performance and scalability, CAKE is able to perform reporting actions 40 times faster and is positioned well for continued growth.”

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