BI Software Application from InetSoft Helps Developers and Administrators Improve Efficiency

InetSoft Technology, a provider of dashboard, reporting and mashup solutions, has announced a new release of its flagship business intelligence software application, Style Intelligence. The new release aims to expands upon InetSoft's concept of agile BI, with several feature enhancements that will allow developers and administrators to work more efficiently and nimbly.

A key improvement is the creation of a single application called Style Studio that merges developer applications such as a report designer, a data modeler, and a data mashup tool. This new application uses the Netbeans GUI framework, and allows users to customize the layout and arrangement of the various panes to better suit how they work. As part of this work, many usability improvements have been delivered to make the development process more efficient.

According to InetSoft, a cornerstone of its agile BI functionality is the direct data access and enterprise data mashup engine built with InetSoft's patent-pending Data Block technology. Enterprises can more easily combine data from data warehouses, operational databases, and spreadsheet sources to be able to see a detailed, unified view of the performance of whatever business function they wish, as well as high-level view of all of the organization's key metrics. Another level of agility is gained because no ETL process or data warehouse is necessary to aggregate operational data. But if ETL processes and data warehouse are used, InetSoft's application facilitates quick and easy experimentation with new dashboards or reports using new data models which can later be codified in ETL processes when ready.

In this release, the report table design provides more drag-and-drop and fine-tuned control capabilities; and dashboards can automatically calculate popular business formulas such as running totals, moving averages, period-over-period changes. There is also intelligent automatic query trap handling for more reliable ad hoc reporting; and greater control and customization for dashboards and visualizations. Additional enhancements include automated scheduler improvements; new offline dashboard and report viewing options; upgraded SAP connectivity supported out-of-the-box; and more flexible administration of nodes in clustered environments.

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