BI Tools from Jaspersoft Certified to Run on Ingres VectorWise Database

Ingres Corporation, an analytic database vendor, has teamed up with Jaspersoft, a provider of business intelligence software, to certify deployments of Jaspersoft with Ingres VectorWise. Jaspersoft's business intelligence products were tested with Ingres VectorWise, and reportedly delivered faster query response times compared to
other database solutions that run on Jaspersoft, the company says.

There are currently already installations of Jaspersoft on Ingres, Fred Gallagher, general manager of Ingres VectorWise, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Ingres and Jaspersoft have worked together for over 3 years, and several customers have purchased Jaspersoft together with the Ingres Database. Jaspersoft has now certified the VectorWise  database from Ingres."

Jaspersoft products are targeted at enterprise departments, small and mid-sized businesses, and independent software vendors. The co-certification between the two companies enables IT to build and deliver end-to-end business intelligence and right-time analytics and reporting to business users in a rapid fashion. "Users with lots of
data that need fast answers, reports or analysis will love the combination of Jaspersoft and VectorWise," says Gallagher. "They need to quickly and affordably deploy analytic sandboxes and data marts for right-time analysis, and visually represent the findings in sophisticated reports and dashboards." Typically, such efforts take up weeks, or even months, of project work architecting and integrating a solution, he adds.

The newly launched Ingres VectorWise is a next-generation analytic database that unlocks the power of modern commodity CPUs with a  revolutionary database engine that leverages vector-based processing and on-chip memory to provide dramatic performance gains over other  databases for right-time query and analysis. "Dozens of simultaneous users or queries are supported by Jaspersoft and VectorWise, even on a modest sized server," Gallagher says.

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