BMC Acquires End User Experience and Web APM Vendor

BMC Software has acquired Coradiant Inc., an end user experience and web application performance monitoring technology vendor.  "The addition of Coradiant's Web Application Performance Management capabilities to BMC's Business Service Management platform establishes the industry's most comprehensive solution for anticipating and proactively addressing the end user experience requirements of our customers' businesses," said Paul Avenant, senior vice president, ESM solutions and brand management, BMC.  "Until now, IT operations teams have struggled to deliver a consistently stellar end-user experience and proactively identify problems with applications before they negatively impact the business."

According to BMC, the acquisition enhances its ability to offer businesses a complete view of service performance - from end user experience and behavior to infrastructure.  The new BMC End User Experience Management solution based on Coradiant's technology enables business and IT service managers to see and understand how application performance affects end-user behavior and ultimately the business by providing complete visibility into real-time, end-to-end performance of enterprise, cloud and SaaS-based applications. By monitoring the end user's experience, organizations can protect revenue, enhance productivity and ensure operational stability for their business-critical applications.

The addition of BMC's End User Experience Management offering will provide a real-time view into actual application performance and user behavior, enabling businesses to proactively monitor the interaction the average consumer has with the application. Even in a complex environment with enterprise, SaaS and cloud components, application performance issues can be identified, foreseen and avoided, thus providing end users with the most consistent and high-quality experience possible.

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