BMC Builds Predictive Analytics into IT Operations Tools

BMC Software has introduced a solution that helps IT operations managers to see impending performance bottlenecks and other issues before they actually happen. The vendor's latest product, BSM for Proactive Operations, features enhancements to its line of IT operations solutions that are part of its Business Service Management (BSM) platform. The predictive analytics capabilities have been built into the latest BMC BladeLogic, BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management, BMC Capacity Management and BMC Atrium solutions.

BSM for Proactive Operations addresses a range of IT operational challenges, Roy Ritthaler, director of product management, service assurance for BMC, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "These include outage avoidance, balancing IT supply with business demand, rapidly delivering change and using operational data to make better business decisions."

The proactive capabilities integrate analytic capabilities with preventative automation in real time, enabling IT operations to focus on outage avoidance instead of reacting to failures. The solution "features a predictive analytics engine that automatically, in real time, learns the behavior of monitored data," Ritthaler explains. "This allows it to baseline normal behavior and adapt to periodic variations in that behavior depending without human intervention. This does two things-it automatically suppresses normal readings, even if they normally vary across times of the days, days of the week, etc. It also calls out abnormalities when things are awry. Abnormalities are passed to a predictive root cause engine that determines the most likely cause of the problem in real time, again which then can be used to direct automated or human preventive action to keep the abnormality from impacting customers."

The latest versions of BMC Event and Impact Management help organizations predict IT issues before customer impact and automate the remediation process. "When both products are combined, even more precision can be achieved in predictive root cause, as events from BMC and third-party sources can be factored into the real time analysis," Ritthaler explains. "Also, we can incorporate Service Level objectives and dependencies, configuration change information from BladeLogic Server Automation, and external business data to get extremely precise and actionable in our determination of root cause. This capability can be directed to manage business services, including the systems, application and business metrics that support them. It can also be applied to specific technical domains or locations."

The newly enhanced BMC BladeLogic Server Automation solution is designed to help reduce the time and effort required to provision and reconfigure IT resources across physical and virtual environments while eliminating service disruptions and manual configuration errors.

For more information, visit the BMC website.