BMC Expands Digital Toolset

At BMC Engage 2016, BMC's annual user conference, the company expanded its Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) strategy with initiatives designed to help customers fast track digital business.

 BMC first introduced Digital Enterprise Management (DEM), the company’s strategic focus, last fall and included an integrated set of IT solutions designed to accelerate digital transformation. The new solution supports the accelerated delivery of agile applications across multi-sourced cloud environments for both cloud-native and traditional applications, including monitoring, workload automation, environment-on-demand, and release automation.

 “All around us people are talking about change and disruption. Whether it’s political, personal, or professional, it’s time to make choices,” said Bob Beauchamp, chairman and CEO of BMC. “This call to action is reaching a tipping point in the international business community: innovate for digital business, or wither away. That means knowing when and how to take risks that will move the company forward by fostering innovation while still protecting the existing business. BMC’s portfolio of Digital Enterprise Management solutions offers the unique capabilities required to meet the urgency of digital business and fast track transformations to meet this new digital imperative.”

The new DEM offerings also enables enterprises to build a digital workplace that enables businesses to improve workforce agility, employee productivity, and the customer experience by transforming the corporate culture to revolve around employees’ needs.

Big data, service management, multi-source cloud, SecOps are also key components of the new offering.

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