BMC Extends its File Transfer Platform to All Types of Data

BMC, a provider of IT solutions for the digital enterprise, is expanding its Control-M Managed File Transfer offering to include support for all file transfers from a single automation platform.

With BMC's Control-M solution, companies have instant visibility into the status of file transfers and business application workloads.

As file transfers continue to rise, companies need a solution that delivers enterprise-level automation to file transfers, provides a single point of control that lowers risks and remediation costs, and expedites issue resolutions that are critical for business continuity.

"Companies rely on file transfers to accelerate their internal, partner ecosystem and customer transactions across multi-cloud and on-premises applications, where speed, security, and audit reporting are absolute requirements,” said Gur Steif, president, digital business automation at BMC.  “With the latest extension of our Control-M Managed File Transfer capabilities, our customers are realizing bottom-line benefits, including breaking down silos, reducing costs and errors, scaling the business faster, and improving file transfer transparency with graphical reporting and audit functions."

Control-M Managed File Transfer empowers IT professionals with the right solutions to support the challenges organizations face with diverse infrastructure, disparate data sources, and accelerated applications while on their digital transformation journey.

By combining traditional managed file transfer capabilities with application workflow automation in a single platform view across the entire enterprise.

With Control-M Managed File Transfer, BMC gives users control of file transfers with a dashboard that gives instant visibility into the status of internal and external file transfers with a unified view, enhanced security with encryption options, and reduced risk of downtime with automated monitoring and recovery features.

The solution will allow customers to integrate file transfers from a central automation platform; proactively manage service level agreements with robust dashboards and analytics; address compliance requests with comprehensive reporting tools; transfer files in and out of cloud environments, internally and externally; and drive innovation in Control-M, the market-leading digital business automation solution.

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