BMC Offers New Strategy to Help Companies Transform IT

BMC Software is offering a strategy designed to help customers navigate new challenges with scalable IT solutions that allow for constant and timely innovation.

“We saw an opportunity in the marketplace that was driven very much by ever increasing, rapid pace of change around technology in a way that’s impacting society, not only on a consumer level, but how it’s driving effectively a digital transformation across every industry,” said Paul Appleby, EVP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at BMC.

The new strategy, called Digital Enterprise Management (DEM), provides solutions for orchestrating IT transformation so IT professionals can rapidly innovate and move in real time while keeping their enterprise secure and existing legacy systems operational.

The system enables enterprises to tap into a structured approach to IT strategy that focuses on four key areas including digital service management, digital enterprise automation, digital service assurance, and digital infrastructure optimization.

The goal of the new solution is to remove roadblocks standing in the way of an enterprise’s digital transformation.

DEM will help organizations accelerate the implementation of new digital services and mobile technologies to transform themselves into digital enterprises for competitive advantage cost efficiently, according to BMC.

The approach was inspired in part by a survey BMC conducted which found that a significant majority of respondents believe becoming a digital enterprise will help their company increase employee productivity (89%), increase customer satisfaction (77%) and lower costs (68%) resulting in increased profitability.

However, 62% of respondents stated the challenge or roadblock they most experience is not having enough resources to maintain current systems and develop or incorporate new digital services.

“The survey was a really big part of the process that helped us define where we should be investing and what’s the most important thing for our customers,” Appleby said. “Now in this digital world where we’re dealing with vast complexities, we’re dealing with an incredible pace of change and companies are calling out for a comprehensive platform to enable this transformation. This is really where we’re positioning DEM as the true enabler of the digital enterprise.”

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