BMC Says It Can Automatically Cap Mainframe Spending

New software from BMC helps IT professionals increase the use of their System z mainframes, lower monthly license charge spend, and reduce the need to invest in additional capacity for peak workloads. The BMC Intelligent Capping product is designed to help companies reduce their IBM mainframe software costs by optimizing capacity utilization across all logical partitions (LPARs), avoiding added-capacity purchases.

“Intelligent Capping cuts significant costs and frees unused capacity for other business needs, while reducing risk and improving staff productivity, which should be no-brainers for active mainframe users,”said Bill Miller, president of zSolutions and select technologies at BMC Software.

On average, companies that actively manage their mainframe workloads save 10 to 15 percent more on their monthly license charges than those who use a more passive approach, BMC said. Many IT organizations have tried capping on their own, while others have abandoned efforts due to fear or early failures that delayed critical workloads, such as order entry or online banking.

BMC Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise product offers customers a variety of optimization levels that yield immediate returns on their capping strategy. Using a phased approach, customers can implement capping and stay in control of their business at all times, ensuring that their most critical workloads are not delayed, while capping other, less critical workloads to optimize capacity.

The BMC Intelligent Capping technology supports workload classification attributes with customer-set policies to control changes in capping and optimize resource usage in a way that mitigates risk to business services. BMC Intelligent Capping improves IT staff productivity and re-directs IT spend to support other initiatives, the vendor said. 

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