BMC Seeks to Boost IMS Database Performance

BMC, a provider of enterprise IT solutions, announced new capabilities for its BMC Data Management and MainView solutions for IBM IMS, offering enhanced continuous availability, scalability, security, lower CPU consumption, and improved management of unpredictable workloads.

The new solutions are designed to help provide improved mean time to recovery (MTTR), reduce resource consumption and costs, and deliver improved reporting capabilities. The announcement complements BMC’s recent announcement to provide solutions that support the IBM z14 mainframe.

The solutions’ new capabilities are intended to help resolve IMS issues faster when exceptions occur, through integration of the MainView solution with the Log Analyzer for IMS capability. They are designed to automatically restart applications using VSAM Record Level Sharing, helping to reduce resource consumption and costs with the ability to identify and take action on looping transactions. They also aim to help improve IMS transaction throughput and performance through tuning recommendations, including preloaded transactions.

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