BMC Ships Accelerated Application Performance Management Toolset

BMC Software  is beefing up its Application Performance Management solution with enhancements designed to accelerate problem detection, isolation and resolution. These new capabilities are intended to enable organizations to improve their ability to proactively detect and quickly isolate root causes of problems.

"With this announcement, BMC is advancing application root cause analysis - extending operations teams' ability to perform root cause analysis across all monitored assets," according to Ali Hedayati, vice president of End User Management Application Performance Management for BMC Software. "Using our analytics-based approach, organizations gain earlier and broader visibility into application performance from the real end-user perspective; resulting in a more proactive approach to application performance management, which ultimately helps operations teams identify and avoid potential problems with business-critical applications as they start to happen."

New capabilities for BMC's new Application Performance Management solution capabilities include real-time predictive analytics for end-users that are intended to enable earlier detection based on real-time behavior using end-user metrics. The new feature also provides up to 90 percent faster problem prioritization and resolution based on more accurate root cause and service impact analysis, the vendor says.

The new offering also includes enhanced end-user experience management for mobile users, and collaborative application mapping. In addition, centralized management and administration is designed to provide more centralized visibility into all of the application performance management data being collected and analyzed across the enterprise.

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