BMC Software Acquires IMS Products from NEON Enterprise Software

BMC Software has acquired the portfolio of IMS (Information Management System) database products and customers from NEON Enterprise Software, a mainframe management software company. 

IMS is a database and transaction management system that runs on mainframes and is predominantly used by organizations that require high-speed transaction processing, such as insurance, telecommunications and financial institutions. Due to the importance of transactions, IT organizations for companies in these industries must have high-performance management solutions that address the performance and availability needs of their IMS environments and enable them to meet their service levels. Organizations rely on the mainframe and IMS databases to support business-critical services such as web-based online transactions, banking transactions and airline reservations.

According to BMC, adding NEON Enterprise Software's IMS products to its existing offerings will satisfy the critical need organizations have for industry-leading, high-performance solutions that not only help manage, optimize and support IMS environments, but also reduce operating costs and improve business service delivery. All told, BMC is acquiring more than 20 products through the acquisition, says Robin Reddick, director of MSM Solutions Marketing at BMC Software.

BMC will integrate NEON Enterprise Software's IMS products with BMC's existing portfolio of high-performance IMS management solutions. While there is some overlap of functionality between the two product lines, the acquisition brings completely new products to BMC, as well as additional functionality to BMC's existing products. For example, Reddick says, in addition to being able to do online reorgs which customers can do right now with the BMC tools, customers will be able to do restructuring, data compression, cloning, and migrations, all with the ability to keep the IMS applications online.

And, while not part of the acquisition, key employees have indicated they will be joining BMC from NEON, ensuring that BMC will have the intellectual backing with the right people to help BMC move forward quickly with the products, says Reddick. "That was a separate dialog, but it did occur."

The acquisition, Reddick notes, demonstrates that BMC continues to invest in the mainframe and IMS, in particular. "We feel it's important and we know it's important to our customers," she said.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. For more information on BMC's IMS solutions  visit the website.