BMC Software Announces Business Analytics Solutions

BMC Software announced new capabilities in its BMC Control-M workload automation solution that enables integration with Informatica and SAP BusinessObjects. With these new capabilities, Control-M offers a single point of control for automating the delivery of business information across multiple platforms and applications, the vendor says.

Control-M is now engineered to provide views across a range of configurations - "critical business processes across physical, virtual and cloud environments," says Bill Miller, president of mainframe service management for BMC Software. "As part of the overall BSM platform, BMC Control-M is the most efficient path to IT value in the industry today," he adds.

BMC Control-M support for Informatica is intended to automate the transfer and integration of data across applications to assure the delivery of business services on time. Without the ability to orchestrate automated data transfers as part of an integrated business process, business services are often times interrupted or delivered based on incomplete or incorrect information. In addition, Control-M support for SAP BusinessObjects helps assure more on-time delivery of reports and analytic information.

BMC's BSM strategy, the BMC Control-M workload automation solution enables customers to automate the execution of business processes across the enterprise, potentially minimizing errors and giving IT greater control over batch jobs which are increasingly integrated with online processing. Control-M is also designed to manage and run workloads in virtual and cloud environments with Dynamic Workload Management and workload policies. These were new capabilities introduced earlier this year with BMC Control-M 7 that leverage virtual resources and private and public clouds as needed to complete workload processing and ensure SLAs are met.

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