BMC Software Launches Employee Dashboard for Enterprise IT Services

BMC Software announced a new enterprise software solution which it says enables employees to take personal control over the delivery of the IT services and information they need - anytime, anywhere, from any device. The BMC MyIT solution is designed to be used from any device, delivering a personalized portfolio of technology and services to each individual employee, including a content locker, mobile corporate app store and other location-aware services and solutions.  MyIT integrates with the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

“It's a powerful irony that an employee’s personal IT experience is much better than their IT experience at work,” says Kia Behnia, BMC’s chief technology officer. “They’re forced to relinquish the productive value of their personal IT when they go to work.”

The goal of BMC MyIT is to provide a “storefront” for IT services and information delivery and a “genius bar” ability, Behnia adds. Potential benefits include reduced IT service costs, as the combination of self-service, process automation and the right employee-facing UI slash the IT costs associated with resolving trouble tickets.

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