BMC Software Offers New Collaboration Console for DevOps Teams

A new collaboration console from BMC is intended to enable development teams to design batch workflows that are easier for operations teams to implement, while providing built-in workload automation. BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager is engineered to produce faster delivery of applications and digital services, and also help ensure all workflows adhere to site standards, eliminating failures caused by non-standard naming conventions.

“Application batch workflow changes typically follow a slow, manual process that lacks proper governance, increasing the likelihood of errors, project failures, and service disruptions,” said Gur Steif, president of workload automation at BMC Software. “We’re bringing developers and IT operations together for the first time to streamline the process.”

Control-M Workload Change Manager provides developers a drag-and-drop interface to help define jobs and create or change workflows, eliminating manual and unstructured request exchanges. Control-M automates construction of the workflows, in accordance to site standards defined by IT operations, and submits requests to authorized workload schedulers. Streamlining collaboration will help developers more quickly deliver tested batch workflows that can be checked into the operational environment. The ability to reuse and easily modify existing batch jobs and workflows accelerates workflow changes while improving quality.

Enforcing site standards and customizations is a major benefit of Control-M Workload Change Manager. Standards can be defined for multiple environments or applications, ensuring naming conventions used in batch jobs and workflows are correct and errors are eliminated. Optional site customizations enable IT to simplify workflow creation even further by exposing only the options that are relevant for each user. Workload schedulers also gain site-specific validation and standards enforcement to ensure that all workflows adhere to your requirements.

Information is available at  BMC.