BMC Software Puts Mobile Enterprise Apps in Employees' Hands

BMC Software has launched three new products designed to give end user employees control of their IT experience via a mobile interface. The new products — BMC MyIT 2.0, BMC AppZone 2.0 and BMC Remedyforce Winter ’14 — are intended to put more computing power in end users' hands.

MyIT 2.0 provides employees the capability to solve routine technical problems, eliminate frustrating forms, crowdsource answers and information, and visually navigate resources in any organization. AppZone offers access to approved business apps – whether cloud, mobile, custom or desktop. Remedyforce helps enterprises deliver a range of services, from a simple help desk to transformational digital business services using a Google-like, mobile-user experience.

“Top organizations have known for a long time that mobile social technologies represent the future of IT,” said Kia Behnia, chief technology officer at BMC Software. “But the solutions they’ve had to work with in order to make that leap were not designed for that task. Our new products enable IT leaders to fundamentally transform the self-service experience by offering end users a powerful yet intuitive solution rooted in expectations created by Facebook and Twitter.”

The new products are purpose-built to manage a wide range of digital services that give employees the tools they need to maximize performance and creativity, the vendor said. These features also serve to increase job satisfaction and productivity while reducing IT friction. Technology managers, meanwhile, are freed to solve high-priority problems for people and the organization while streamlining and automating back-end operations.

MyIT 2.0, available with Remedyforce, is intended to do away with forms and tickets by enabling employees to ask for help, get answers to questions and share information through real-time online messaging, and social posts, BMC said. It also includes strong notification and system status components that offer real-time awareness of issues and outages.

MyIT 2.0 is currently in beta and will be available in April of 2014. For more information, go to the BMC website.