BMC Software Releases New Dynamic Workload Management Tool

BMC Software announced BMC Control-M 7, a new version of its solution for automating the management of dynamic and static workloads across applications as well as physical, virtual and cloud platforms. BMC Control-M 7 now includes Dynamic Workload Management, a capability that automatically maps workloads to IT priorities using policies that react to real-time business needs. This new feature enables enterprises to ensure workloads are aligned with business operational cycles, maximizing IT resources and reducing costs.

"BMC Control-M 7's new dynamic workload and cloud capabilities along with its new audit and compliance features further strengthens BMC Control-M's position as the industry leading workload automation solution," says Bill Miller, president of mainframe service management at BMC Software. "With features such as Dynamic Workload Automation, cloud and virtualization capabilities, as well as scenario-based recovery and compliance reporting, BMC Control-M 7 provides customers with the best solution to align IT workloads with business needs and reduce costs."

In addition, BMC Control-M 7 helps harness cloud environments, providing the elasticity needed to support fluctuating workloads. Its product architecture is built for virtual and physical environments, both on- and off-premise, fitting varied IT and business needs. The solution provides the flexibility needed to meet business service levels and priorities by easily enabling a cloud for processing workloads.

Playing a key role in BMC's Business Service Management (BSM) strategy, BMC's Control-M workload automation solution enable customers to automate the execution of processes across the enterprise which is critical to achieving IT cost reduction. The solution minimizes errors and gives IT a higher level of control and flexibility over their batch workloads which are increasingly integrated with business services and online processing.

For more information on BMC Control-M, go here.