BMC Unveils AIOps for the Modern Mainframe  

BMC, which just completed the purchase of Compuware, has unveiled BMC AMI Operational Insight, an AI-driven solution that uses machine learning to detect anomalies and maximize lead time for remediation to mitigate mainframe issues before they become business problems. 

BMC offers a full suite of mainframe software development, delivery, and performance solutions that empower organizations to scale Agile and DevOps with a fully integrated toolchain. 

According to the company, the rapidly changing marketplace, with shifting dynamics and competitor challenges, requires companies to optimize for increased performance and 24/7 availability to stay ahead of the competition, and with those concerns, it is imperative that mainframe issues are identified and addressed before any system downtime or degradation can impact operations.

The BMC AMI Operational Insight solution is aimed at providing the intelligence for both mainframe experts and newer employees to support every organization’s journey to an autonomous digital enterprise with the modern mainframe.

"Managing the mainframe has never been more critical to serving customers and ensuring uptime. It is imperative that companies have the capabilities to proactively manage the platform and anticipate problems before they happen," said John McKenny, senior vice president of ZSolutions Strategy and Innovation at BMC. "By applying AIOps to the mainframe for better availability and performance with BMC AMI Operational Insight, our customers can reclaim their valuable time and shift resources to focus on the strategic priorities that will allow them to become Autonomous Digital Enterprises."

The BMC Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI) AIOps suite encompasses a three-part workflow—detection, finding, and fixing—designed to reduce the mean time to repair so operations teams spend less time reacting to issues and more time advancing high-level business initiatives.

With BMC AMI Operational Insight, users gain a solution that utilizes machine learning to learn what is normal, detect anomalies, and maximize lead time for remediation, avoiding downtime or system degradation. As an example of how companies can avoid downtime, a global financial services provider has seen the potential benefits of using BMC AMI Operational Insight and the predictive insights it could provide. Through a demo, the company noticed it was able to detect problems 2 days earlier to avoid a system issue.

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BMC has announced the close of its acquisition of Compuware, a provider of mainframe application development, delivery, and performance solutions. Compuware is now a part of the BMC ZSolutions organization that serves the mainframe industry. BMC said it was one of the largest acquisitions in its history and the company's third acquisition in less than 2 years.

Posted June 01, 2020