BMMsoft Announces EDMT 9, Solution for Big Data with Mobility for Large Enterprise

BMMsoft Corporation, a provider of real-time analytic software that automates the storing, integration, management and analysis of big data, has announced the availability of high-speed EDMT 9 for large enterprises, which it says can be deployed instantly and without intensive programming needed by other big data systems. 

EDMT is the trademark of BMMsoft, Inc.; it stands for "emails, documents, multimedia and transactions" and represents all data types that can be stored in electronic format. EDMT 9 performs real-time acquisition, indexing, access and cross-analysis of both structured data (i.e., database records) and unstructured data.

EDMT is used by commercial and government organizations to store, access and analyze high volumes of unstructured and structured data from within a single database for social network analysis, fraud detection, e-discovery, business reporting, security threat analysis, and compliance.

The combination of EDMT 9, Sybase IQ 15.4 and HP Proliant DL 980 Server and cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment offers the big data functionality to large enterprises that need quick deployment and can't spend time on long development projects, according to Paul Krneta, CTO of BMMsoft. "We have built the world's largest big data system - 1 petabyte in size - in 2008 and the world's fastest big data loader in 2011, and with EDMT 9 we've added mobility to meet the needs of a much wider enterprise customer base to solve their big data problem on the move," says Krneta.

According to the company, EDMT 9 uses patented parallel ingest processing and proprietary real-time indexing methods to automatically tag, create metadata and ingest an entire data set into EDMT 9 at speeds necessary to handle big data by small and medium enterprises.  The resulting unified data can then be accessed and analyzed using common reporting, audit, search and litigation tools, as well as advanced tools such as SAP Business Objects.  EDMT 9 for big data comes as a prepackaged appliance ranging from 72TB to 40,000TB (40 petabytes) and 16 cores to 15,365 cores.

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