BMO Financial Group Inks Agreement for Unisys ClearPath Mainframe-Class Server Systems and Support Services

Unisys Corp. has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Unisys Canada Inc. has received a four-year contract from BMO Financial Group for Unisys ClearPath mainframe-class server systems and related support services. The contract was signed in the fourth quarter of 2008. According to the companies, the two Unisys ClearPath Libra Model 690 servers provide BMO Financial Group with the capability for faster execution of key banking applications. Replacing BMO's existing Unisys systems with the ClearPath Libra Model 690 servers will effectively help the bank reduce some of its operational expenses, because the newer systems provide a four-year total cost of ownership that is 40% less than that of the older systems.

The new ClearPath systems also help contribute to BMO Financial Group's environmental initiatives, reducing energy consumption by approximately 85% when compared to the current systems.

The pay-for-use metering capability of the ClearPath Libra Model 690 servers can contribute significantly to reducing an enterprise's operational costs. This feature allows users to handle dynamically changing workloads economically by providing maximum system capacity during peak processing times and minimizing costs when system usage is low. Users pay only for the exact amount of processing power used, as it is used, based on state-of-the-art usage monitoring.

Established in 1817 as Bank of Montreal, BMO Financial Group is a highly diversified North American financial services organization.

Housed in BMO's two data centers, the ClearPath systems provide mirrored capabilities for enhanced business continuance. They also employ an open systems architecture, with support for the Microsoft Windows operating environment complementing the Unisys MCP operating environment. "Unisys is committed to providing innovative systems and solutions that help clients such as BMO Financial Group further their strategic business objectives, streamline operations and serve customers more efficiently," said Bill Maclean, vice president, ClearPath programs, Unisys.

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