BackBox’s SaaS Network Automation System Introduces Hybrid On-Premises/Cloud Options

The latest version of the BackBox Automation Platform revolutionizes customer experience through on-premises or cloud capability options for SaaS. This release provides network automation for managed service providers (MSPs), managed security service providers (MSSP), and enterprise users who will now be able to decide which configuration best suits their needs in increasingly hybrid environments. Customers will also have access to new features, like the executive dashboard, which impact inventory analytics and automation performance for concise automation processes.

With BackBox’s newest network automation solutions, customers have more control over network management than ever, according to the vendor. This hybridity brings increased network inventory capability and cloud-based telemetry reporting through the executive dashboard; a feature that grants customers an in-depth look at their personalized network automation data. The reports provided by the new executive dashboard will allow customers to better strategize for network issues and solutions. The release also introduces a greenfield provisioning tool for MSPs, granting expedited onboarding of client firewalls.

“We are aiming to change the way network automation tools are used to enhance network security, performance, and compliance,” said Andrew Kahl, CEO of BackBox.  “While many of our enterprise customers require an on-premises solution for network automation, especially when managing secure, closed, and OT networks, many other customers require a distributed approach to best manage their multi-cloud environments. This has been especially evident as we’ve worked to partner with our MSP, MSSP, and cloud-first customers. With this product release, we can better support our on-premises customers and offer new capabilities for customers managing hybrid environments.”

While BackBox’s newest release provides the latest features for network automation, the company promises continued innovation of the product in the years to come. Along with further development of network inventory, a large focus is placed on upcoming security improvements and cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) for the product. As newer versions are released by BackBox, users can expect a regular increase in support for new network devices both physical and virtual, according to the vendor.

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