BackOffice Associates Acquires HiT Software

HiT Software, a provider of provider of data integration and change data capture software products, has been acquired by BackOffice Associates, a provider of data migration, data governance and master data management solutions for Oracle, SAP and other ERP vendors.

According to the vendors, the acquisition creates a new standard in data governance by applying real-time change data capture across all major relational databases to deliver a single view of key customer and financial data, regardless of how that data is stored or named.

The companies are very complementary to each other in terms of what they bring to the market, Carolyn Hughes, marketing director of HiT Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. HiT Software technology is already embedded in BackOffice Associates' recently introduced MDMb solution, where it provides access to ERP data stored on many relational databases. "We were just starting to work together as partners," notes Hughes. "We were in the process of building that product together when it became apparent that it was really a good fit for us to be the same company."

The acquisition will benefit customers, says Hughes. "Our intention has been to develop more and more data integration technology for heterogeneous databases, and that capability is to give companies the opportunity to continue doing what they are doing without being forced to pick a database. They can continue building on their existing databases; they can add other databases, with the comfort of knowing that our product will help them connect the databases, either in real time or in a synchronized fashion."

HiT Software will continue to develop and offer data integration software, and the company remains intact on the west coast, adds Hughes. "We have become a BackOffice company, and so we have a lot more support behind us than we did before." Based in South Harwich, Mass., BackOffice Associates has offices worldwide.

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