BackOffice Associates Adds Closed-Loop Data Remediation to Data Stewardship Platform

BackOffice Associates has unveiled an updated solution that will fully automate data quality maintenance without the level of manual research, validation, or updating previously required for most companies.

“BackOffice really pioneered the data space,” said Jim Maniscalco, vice president of product management at BackOffice Associates. “The company was founded on the basis that we all take data for granted.”

With that in mind, BackOffice created a fix that will remediate human errors when entering data and provide a way to maintain data as it moves throughout companies.

Dubbed “dspCompose,” the new application is part of the newly released  Version 6.2 of its Data Stewardship Platform (DSP), and will reduce time and money spent resolving thousands of data issues, according to BackOffice Associates.

According to the company, dspCompose will provide organizations with an advanced, whole-enterprise approach to data remediation. This includes cross-departmental, closed-loop error resolution, fully automating data quality maintenance without the level of manual research, validation or updating previously required.

dspCompose features include an automated process that proactively identifies data issues, alerts responsible parties and enables correction of data errors in a simplified, user-friendly way via MSFT Excel.

Additionally the update allows mass uploading of corrected data into respective business systems, dashboards with enterprise data quality visibility across complex data, and environments for project stakeholders. It also supports global standards and centralized validation with full audit capability across the data lifecycle.

“The business line of users who are in the data of course like to use familiar tools and we allow you to take that data and errors and import them into native Excel,” Maniscalco said.  The new update will benefit business and IT users, Maniscalco said. “It streamlines and reduces the work on IT,” Maniscalco said. “We are automating the entire [resolution] process by updating the data automatically.”
DSP 6.2 is available now through BackOffice Associates. For more details, visit