BackOffice Associates Unveils dspCloud for Human Capital Management

BackOffice Associates, a provider of information governance and data stewardship solutions, unveiled the Human Capital Management (HCM) edition of its dspCloud SaaS platform at the SAP SuccessConnect event in Las Vegas.

The new purpose-built solution automates the data migration and data quality processes for HR professionals and ensures that data is aligned with the latest organizational hierarchies, harmonized across multiple HR systems, and business-ready for real-time HR decisions. The dspCloud HCM edition features best-of breed connectivity with nearly any commercial or home-grown HR system, which is delivered through BackOffice’s new Information Governance Universal Connect component.

Key features of the dspCloud for HCM edition include segmented reporting capabilities designed to accommodate proprietary and PII data, intellectual property captured through data quality methodologies, native cloud integration for automated data loading, cross-system harmonization, deduplication and transformation of data, and hybrid data migration environment for simultaneous data quality and migration progress

Providing information governance orchestration across data migration, quality, and mass maintenance, the dspCloud HCM edition helps organizations design, set, execute and enforce data policies across all HR data and systems. The platform also promotes reuse of data for ongoing efficiencies across HR systems and helps organizations maintain compliance and drive better business outcomes.

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