Backblaze Debuts Automated Cloud Workflows for Storage Platform

Backblaze, Inc., the specialized cloud storage platform, is unveiling a new function for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage that instantly alerts users and external cloud services when data within the storage platform changes. This service—dubbed Event Notifications—empowers enterprises to craft their automated cloud workflows without being restricted to a single vendor or legacy tool to provide notification features.

Event Notifications aims to enable enterprises to use the cloud platforms they prefer without having to rely on restrictive, expensive intermediaries to provide notification functionality, such as AWS messaging services, according to Backblaze. Now, any change to the data within Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage platform, including uploads, updates, or deletions, can automatically trigger events that respond to that change—such as transcoding video files, sending reports to IT teams, executing data analytics, delivering finished assets, and more.

"With Event Notifications, we can eliminate the final AWS component, Simple Queue Service (SQS), from our infrastructure. This completes our transition to a more streamlined and cost-effective tech stack,” said Oleh Aleynik, senior software engineer and co-founder at CloudSpot. “It's not just about simplifying operations; it's about achieving full independence from legacy systems and future-proofing our infrastructure."

Event Notifications ultimately reduces the complexity and overhead often associated with having to settle for third-party notification services. By offering a variety of automated cloud services, accelerating event deployment, and proactive security through real-time monitoring, Event Notifications continue to support the use of serverless architectures and specialized microservices across clouds, according to Backblaze.

"Companies increasingly want to leverage best-of-breed providers to grow their business, versus being locked into the traditional closed cloud providers," said Gleb Budman, Backblaze CEO and chairperson of the board. “Our new Event Notifications service unlocks the freedom for our customers to build their cloud workflows in whatever way they prefer."

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