Backblaze’s Innovative “Shard Stash” Technology Accelerates Upload Speeds

Backblaze, Inc., the specialized storage cloud provider, is debuting “shard stash,” an innovation in data upload technology that improves upload speeds, where small file uploads (1MB or less) are 30% faster than AWS S3, according to the company.

Shard stash accomplishes this feat in upload time by combining the speed of solid-state drives (SSD) with rapid ingesting of new data copies, all while the hard disk drive (HDD) ingests copies for long-term storage.

Shard stash’s quick, short-term ingestion of new data copies decreases congestion on network bandwidth, liberates IT administrators’ time, and secures data in offsite backup environments faster.

“Backblaze’s pioneering approach delivers cloud storage at 1/5th the price versus legacy vendors, and our latest innovation maintains those savings while delivering 10-30% faster performance versus AWS depending on the file size," said Gleb Budman, CEO and chairperson of the board at Backblaze. “Bringing this performance upgrade to our customers means they have more time and budget to put toward fueling their organizations’ success.”

All Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage customers will benefit from shard stash—particularly those handling a plethora of small file uploads. This is done without splitting the data, ensuring that smaller files undergo no change to durability, availability, or pricing.

“Veeam is dedicated to working alongside our partners to innovate and create a united front against cyber threats and attacks,” said Andreas Neufert, vice president of product management, alliances, at Veeam. “The new performance improvements released by Backblaze for B2 Cloud Storage furthers our mission to provide radical resilience to our joint customers.”

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