Baffle Data Protection Services is Now Available for Snowflake

Baffle, Inc., a cloud data protection company, announced that its Data Protection Services is now available for Snowflake Data Cloud, enabling users to utilize data de-identification with customer-owned keys.

Without any code changes or performance impact on the user experience, Snowflake customers can now leverage Baffle’s transparent data protection layer to secure their entire data pipeline as source data is migrated to Snowflake and used for data analytics.

The joint solution provides customers with a Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) or Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) capability to confidently move to cloud platforms and embrace privacy-preserving analytics.

 Baffle Data Protection Services supports the entire data pipeline into Snowflake’s platform by seamlessly de-identifying data as it is ingested and staged in the cloud and subsequently migrated to Snowflake, and selectively re-identifying data for authorized users, while enabling a customer-owned BYOK or HYOK model.

“Organizations continue to move their data to Snowflake’s platform,” said Tarik Dwiek, director of technology alliances at Snowflake. “Appetite for employing a multi-cloud strategy for distribution of data is only growing, and Baffle offers a data protection service that can operate invisibly across clouds to broker data in a de-identified private or publicly viewable state.”

 Snowflake gives data scientists, business intelligence and analytics professionals, and everyone who desires data-driven decision-making access to live and ready-to-query data from their ecosystem of business partners and customers, and from potentially thousands of data providers and data service providers.

"In the race to cloud-native analytics it becomes very difficult to protect data as it is distributed across more platforms, people and processes,” said Ameesh Divatia, co-founder and CEO, Baffle. “Baffle’s cloud data protection instantly protects data as it is migrated through the data pipeline to multiple cloud storage, staging and analytics platforms. By combining the powerful Snowflake platform, which helps eliminate customers’ data silos, with Baffle’s transparent data protection layer, enterprises can eliminate complexity, close cloud security gaps, and ensure security keeps pace with the diversity of cloud data models.”

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