Baffle Data Protection for Analytics Combines Security and Compliance Through Analytic Pipelines

Baffle, Inc. is unveiling Data Protection for Analytics, offering a single data security solution that provides end-to-end controls for data ingestion and consumption to make it easier for analytics and data science professionals to meet compliance requirements.

According to the company, Baffle Data Protection for Analytics promises to secure analytics while meeting increasingly stringent compliance mandates.

With no code changes, the platform encrypts, tokenizes, or masks data as it is ingested into the most popular analytics databases and data warehouses to ensure a strong security posture when data is stored and moved through analytics pipelines. It also enforces access control policies and/or dynamic masking when data is accessed, ensuring true “end-to-end” protection of sensitive data.

“Many teams are trying to secure their analytics data through a patchwork of third-party monitoring solutions, security exceptions that can delay projects, and procedural controls that do not account for errors or malicious attacks. This creates burdensome management overhead and leaves companies open to massive risk,” said Ameesh Divatia, CEO and co-founder of Baffle. “The Baffle platform removes implementation friction, making it easy to secure and manage regulated data in analytics.”

Baffle Data Protection for Analytics provides end-to-end controls for data ingestion, from applications into data stores, to consumption, from data warehouses for processing and analysis.

Fine-grained access control ensures no unauthorized users, including cloud admins, database administrators, data analysts, or data scientists, can access sensitive data in clear text. The data is kept in a “fail-safe” security posture, meaning unauthorized access leads to encrypted or masked data, which minimizes the risk of data breaches. Data is protected even when it is shared with another database, data warehouse or data lake. Baffle provides additional capabilities for completing analytic operations on encrypted data, according to the company.

Baffle is designed for performance and scalability, minimizing impact on application and database performance. The solution offers more control and less risk with comprehensive key management along with bring your own key (BYOK) and keep your own key (KYOK) capabilities, which give companies full control over data, even in cloud data stores.

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