Baffle Encryption as a Service Now Supports SQL Databases

Baffle, Inc. a data security software provider, has announced that its encryption as a service (EaaS) solution now supports SQL databases, to ensure that sensitive data remains encrypted end-to-endfrom production through processing; while being stored on-premise, in the cloud, and while being processed by databases and applications.

Citing research that the year 2016 marked an all-time high in data breaches in the U.S. (up 40% compared to 2015), as well as the trend for more organizations migrating key workloads to the cloud, and the implementation of privacy regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/379) with stiffer penalties for enterprises, Baffle said its EaaS solution helps make database encryption easier to adopt and integrate into existing enterprise workflows.  

The solution supports SQL databases, in addition to NoSQL databases, with the use of BaffleShield, which is its SQL layer database proxy. It also automates multiple native database encryption capabilities, including management of keys using BaffleManager, a management console that allows security administrators to define and enforce data security compliance policies. The solution implements advanced application-based encryption without any change to existing application code and allows all SQL queries on encrypted data.

Information security professionals need secure and easy-to-use solutions to meet compliance requirements for data encryption, and the Baffle solution provides database and application administrators with a new approach to implement database and application encryption throughout the enterprise without any changes to the application code, said Ameesh Divatia, Baffle co-founder and CEO.

According to Divatia, even in the event of a data breach due to compromised database administrator credentials, Baffle makes the breach "irrelevant" because the stolen data is encrypted and hence useless to the hacker.

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