Baffle Launches Data Protection Services for Cloud Applications

Baffle, Inc., a developer of a database encryption solution, is launching a comprehensive data protection service that enables cloud applications running in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace to operate on encrypted data.

The platform, BaffleManager, enables secure compute for cloud applications while delivering dynamic access control and enhanced data access monitoring. 

This provides a complete solution that enables enterprises to accelerate their adoption of public cloud services in a manner that was previously thought not possible – the back-end database layer never exposes data in the clear while at-rest or in memory, and the application does not break.

 Key features of Baffle’s new Data Protection Service include secure compute, dynamic access control, and enhanced data access monitoring,

 BaffleManager is available immediately on Amazon Web Services Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Marketplace for deployment. The service is available for a free 90-day trial and pricing is available on request.

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