Baffle Multi-Tenant Data Security Protects SaaS Applications

Baffle, Inc. is releasing Baffle Multi-Tenant Data Security, making SaaS applications and their underlying databases even easier to protect with record-level encryption.

According to the company, this solution ensures that any SaaS provider meets the most stringent privacy regulations and gives their customers complete protection and control of their data. As a result, the SaaS vendor gains a competitive advantage and the ability to monetize enhanced data security.

Using record-level encryption, Baffle cryptographically transforms each customer’s data set with a key the customer controls (BYOK), isolating the data to ensure that it is anonymized and compartmentalized from every other customer. Even if the SaaS experiences a breach, the data is anonymized by Baffle Multi-Tenant Data Security and useless to anyone who doesn’t have that customer’s key to decrypt.

As companies move to SaaS for key services, securing customers’ data has become even more vital for SaaS providers, according to the vendor. 

Saxo Bank addressed this challenge head on using multi-tenant data security with record-level encryption to ensure that each customer’s data is secured cryptographically and that the bank met its compliance obligations.

Another customer, a global SaaS compliance reporting platform, is using Baffle Multi-Tenant Data Security to streamline the implementation of record-level encryption for their underlying database as well as integration with the AWS Key Management System.

The company services some of the most security-conscious customers in the world while handling their most sensitive financial data. With no architectural or application changes, Baffle helps them protect data in their multi-tenant RDS environments, freeing development time for higher-value projects.

“Enterprise customers demand an enhanced security posture that often includes customer-owned keys, application- or record-level encryption, and a multitude of other security and compliance requirements,” said Ameesh Divatia, CEO of Baffle. “Current encryption solutions protect data ‘at rest’ via physical storage encryption or transparent data encryption. These methods provide zero protection against a modern-day attack or breach. Baffle is the only vendor to crack the performance and scale problem of record-level encryption that does not interrupt cloud operations or require application changes."

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